Revenue Based Financing

Business Funding Based On Revenue

  • Based off of Cash Flow
  • Funding in 24hrs
  • Structured Payments

Revenue Based Financing gives business owners the ability to access fast funding for their business where approval is based solely on monthly revenue generated. This type of business financing product requires minimal paperwork and can be funded in as little as 24hrs. The only initial documents needed for a submission with Diamond Capital are an application and the last 4 months of business bank statements.

Diamond Capital provides this service in order to give businesses the ability to access capital at an unmatched speed compared to traditional banking. Without any hang-ups on credit, time in business or industry type.

Diamond Capital is determined to get your business funded. If you can use funding right now to improve the business we want you to call us first. We offer a free consultation that will provide you a clear pre-qualification for your business.

We don’t waste any time in getting a deal done.
We work as hard as you do.

Like a Diamond.


  • Daily or Weekly Payments
  • Automated Draws
  • Requires no management
  • Not a loan so the payback does not accrue interest


  • Funding Amounts $2,500 – $1,000,000
  • Funds sent in as little as 24 hours
  • No Personal Collateral
  • Based on Cash Flow and Business Performance

Use your funding immediately for anything to grow the business!

  • Inventory

  • Equipment

  • Taxes

  • Technology Upgrade

  • Expansion

  • Renovations

  • Payroll

  • Marketing

  • Staffing

Based On Revenue

When they say no we say Yes!

Diamond Capital has successfully helped hundreds of business owners who have previously been declined for Personal Credit, Industry Type or even Time In Business. This product is designed to look at revenue first, get a business approved and then look at the other factors, that to us, are less significant. We specialize in providing access to the capital businesses need to grow, invest, and tackle issues.

World Class Speed

Have a financing option in hours!

We know you don’t have time for games so we simply do not play them. Whether you have the time to have a conversation and call us now, or provide us the information we need through our Apply Now function, we will have a financing option for you immediately. We will reach you in which ever form of contact is most convenient for you and we will get the process started. We can fund your business in as little as 24 hrs!

Why Settle For Less?

Did we mention we charge NO fees in order to get a deal done?

Unlike our “Competition” we charge no fees to get the funding to your business. No matter what the situation is, from an opportunity to expand or landing major project that can have a huge growth impact on your business. Whether turbulent times are ahead and the storm is being weathered, or even something as mild mannered as doing a few upgrades for aesthetics, functionality or both! We want to get you the funding and we want you to enjoy the entire process with us. Let’s put the Fun in Funding and illuminate the Fine-And-Sing in Financing.