Asset Based Financing

All Types Of Real Estate Considered

  • Unlock your equity
  • Faster than traditional banks
  • No minimum credit score

In recent years, banks have made it extremely difficult to acquire equity based programs. Accessing your equity can require mountains of paperwork and months of waiting just for the bank to tell you no. When you have a plan and want to use that equity to invest and grow a business we give you the confidence to start planning how to use every dollar. We can use any type of Real Estate Asset from a Commercial Building to a primary Residence. We can even use Investment properties that have tenants or undeveloped land.

Equity Funding

We can take any property with available equity and combine that with business bank statements and future projections and provide the funding in a minimum of 10 business days. By unlocking the equity in the asset you do not need to sell the property to access that capital. Our terms on this program are very flexible and any type of real estate is considered for this product. It comes with no pre-payment penalty and in most cases comes with an early payoff discount! We can also structure this deal to where you can receive the funding you need and have us not collect a payment for up to 90 days.

To qualify for our program you do not need to pay off any mortgage on the property. This type of financing can also be used as a bridge into a bigger collateral based deal or it can be used in a way similar to a Home Equity Line of Credit. When we qualify you for a specified amount of funding with this product you do not need to receive the full amount. You can take what you need now and then can come back for any amount left on the table at the time of closing as you need it. In most cases your property value will have increased along with your equity in the property and we can raise the total funding amount.

Commercial Property Full Refinance

If you own a commercial property and you are looking to either fully refinance at a lower rate or want to get the full mount of equity out of the property in under 2 months we can get this done with the lowest fees in the industry. For the Full Refinance we will qualify your property for the maximum amount and then we will need to payoff any mortgage on the property, unlike our Equity Funding option, and you will net the difference. Our rates on a Full Refinance of Commercial Property are as low as 6%, comparable to an SBA. Our terms stretch out up to 30 years, with no pre-payment penalty after the first 5 years.

Dealing with major banks, means major headaches.
Our residential program turnaround time is 10 business days.

Use the tools you already have.


  • Unlock Your Equity
  • Funding in 10 days
  • Keep Your Mortgage
  • Utilize Your Net Worth


  • 6 Months – 30 Years
  • Never Need Another L.O.C
  • Renew For Longer Term
  • Based on Equity and Revenue

Use your funding immediately for anything to grow the business!

  • Inventory

  • Equipment

  • Taxes

  • Technology Upgrade

  • Expansion

  • Renovations

  • Payroll

  • Marketing

  • Staffing

Residential Equity

A large portion of our clients do not own Commercial real estate, but instead own residential homes, vacation properties, and sometimes just plain ol’ flat land. Acres upon acres of land, just sitting there collecting dust.

With the UN-HEARD OF 10 business day turn around time, this program is frustration free and a simply way to obtain quick financing for a project, expansion or investment.  This product is a hybrid Line of Credit/mortgage program, giving our clients an advantage in obtaining the capital they need by combining Property value and business cash flow. If you qualify for more than you need we will always allow you to come back at anytime and receive the remaining amount just like a line of credit. Whatever amount is left on the table will remain available for your business to access at anytime. We lend up to 80% LTV (Loan To Value) on all forms of real estate, minus any debts on the property. This program does not require you to consolidate your mortgage and can be done easily on the side without ever notifying your Mortgage Lender.

For clients in a pinch that are unable to obtain the amount desired, this program offers clients a way to reach their funding goals.

Commercial Refi

Diamond Capital Funding offers collateral lending against commercial buildings and land.

We can provide business owners the ability to access up to 70% LTV on any Commercial property. As a full Refinance we do need to first use the funds to consolidate any mortgage in place and the wire the difference to the business bank account on file. The terms extend from 10-30 years with APR as low as 6%. This program mirrors the traditional SBA loan, but the turn around time is 6-8 weeks, VS the 6 months you wait for an SBA. This gives us an alternative to scrupulous banks declining to fund and still provide monthly payments over a long term.

Commercial Property Equity

If, for some reason, you do not have 8 weeks to wait on the traditional Commercial Loan program, we guarantee a speedy turnaround time of 14 business days to fund your capital. The difference is that the program is capped at 36 month term (3 years) , vs the traditional term of 10-30 years. The program will fund you up to 80% LTV on either a first position mortgage or a 2nd. Sometimes, opportunity knocks and you must be prepared financially. Not everyones’ opportunity can wait 2-6 months  to jump on and that is why this program exists. You can also use this as a bridge to an SBA if you have one in process and just can’t wait for them to complete the loan. Their is no downside as we offer a large pre-payment discount on this program.