Our Mission

How We Came To Be

Diamond Capital Funding is a boutique business financing company based in New York City that is Co-Owned by 2 young entrepreneurs. Tom and John have a passion for business growth, and by helping others grow they have in turn grown their own business allowing them to help even more businesses. Diamond Capital Funding’s team has had the opportunity to help business owners around the country while having the privilege of learning from them as well. Over the years we have been helping businesses finance major projects, expansions, jump a few hurdles and extended a couple of helping hands.

We do this with our competitive edge.
Something so clear, so pure, yet impossible to duplicate without the hard work and dedication of our team.

We never charge a fee out of the funding you receive.

Since the very first day of Diamond Capital Funding we have taken pride in this fact.

Something that seems so simple has laid the foundation of trust between our clients and ourselves and we want you to join us. As we grow, and our client base expands, we are collectively saying NO to bad business practices in the business financing industry.

Diamond Capital Funding is always open!

Located on Staten Island, New York, Minutes away from the financial capital of the world.

Evenings, weekends, even Holidays!

Once you have submitted your paperwork we will respond to you faster than light refracts through a diamond.
Included in that response, whether by phone or email, will include a personal cell phone number!
Never get a robot ever!

Our team has been in the industry since the inception of uncollateralized lending and the purchase of future receivables.
Due to our experience and the competitive nature we cultivate we will have an offer in your hands 5 minutes after speaking to one of us over the phone.
We are masters of our craft.

Diamond Capital Funding was founded on the idea that when an entrepreneur is given an opportunity they will seize it.

We understand how difficult it is to get a loan from the bank. With it taking up to 6 months for an SBA loan and stringent underwriting for a line of credit.
Then waiting weeks if not months to get approved, or even worse getting declined.
With our team of underwriters we will evaluate your business and qualify the business based on the business.

When the banks refuse to lend money to small businesses we step in.

When the banks just can’t move at the speed necessary for time sensitive issues or opportunities we are the answer.
With funding in as little as 24 – 72 hours.
We work as hard as you do!
Like a Diamond!

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at Info@DiamondCapitalFunding.Net or call us at 718-612-5241